About AJA Registrars

Who We Are & What We Do

Founded in 1995 AJA Registrars is an independent third-party registrar (certification body) operating from a global network of offices offering third party registration and training services. AJA Registrars operates across a diverse range of industrial and commercial sectors. Our clients are equally diverse and include single site operators ranging from 1 to 20,000 employees to multi-site, multi-national companies, the largest of which has in excess of 1,250 sites.

On the 20th March 2018, the AJA Registrars Group of companies in the UK, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, USA and Hong Kong joined SOCOTEC Group, a major player in risk prevention and a trusted partner in Testing, Inspection and Certification Services

The SOCOTEC Group now operates in 25 countries on five continents and provides services in six different business lines: Construction & Real Estate, Technical Inspection & Verification (TI&V), Infrastructure, Environment & Safety, Training and Certification.  

The entry of AJA Registrars into the SOCOTEC Group not only further enhances SOCOTEC’s existing market leading position in Singapore and other Asian locations but also now allows AJA’s existing customers to benefit from a much wider range of both accredited and no-accredited certification schemes as well as the other Technical and Risk Management services of the Group.

Why choose us?

All SOCOTEC Group subsidiaries including the AJA companies are committed to applying the very highest level of excellence wherever we work, adapting to match the specific conditions of local markets as needed provides our clients with the complete confidence of receiving the professionalism they deserve at all times.

So whether you are a small local operation or a major multi-national operating globally, we are able to tailor our services and approach specifically to meet your needs.