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Impartiality Policy

AJA Registrar’s Impartiality Policy Statement can be viewed on line by clicking on the link below:

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our Impartiality Policy


Code of Practice

Additional rules and conditions are contained in AJA’s Code of Practice (CoP). The current Code of Practice will be issued along with your Proposal/Application. It is important that you read this carefully.

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our Code of Practice



AJA Registrars take client and client user complaints very seriously.  To this end, if you are a Certified Client of AJA Registrars, or a user of one of AJA Registrar’s Certified Client’s products or services and you feel the need to register a complaint then please contact the Accredited Office, who will provide with details of AJA Registrar’s complaints process.

Please fill in out click complaints form before and we will respond quickly:

Complaints Form